Recommended Playlist

Tammy Flovin playing guitar
Music therapist Tammy Flovin shows off her musical talent.

At Hollings Cancer Center, we believe in the holistic care of our patients. It’s why we offer yoga classes and art and music therapy as tools to help our patients cope. Here, Tammy Flovin, a board-certified music therapist in the Arts in Healing program at MUSC, shares songs on one of her favorite playlists to energize, promote mindfulness and decrease anxiety.

  1. The Piano Guys: “A Thousand Years” – Christina Perri cover (4:31)
  2. The Piano Guys: “Home” – Phillip Phillips cover (4:35)
  3. The Piano Guys: “Paradise” – Coldplay (Peponi) cover (4:25)
  4. David Lanz: “Variations on a Theme” – from Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major (9:52)
  5. David Lanz: “Cristofori’s Dream” (6:10)
  6. Amavi Music: “Hallelujah” – Instrumental cover, piano, violin, cello (5:01)
  7. Amavi Music: “You Raise Me Up” – violin, cello, piano – trio cover instrumental (4:07)
  8. Yuri Sazonoff: “Awakening Senses” (12:10)
  9. Deuter: “Kindred Spirit” (8:19)
  10. Eric Harringer & John Paul Lacey: “Cry of the Earth” (10:09)