Grant Development Seed Award Application Instructions

Applications are on a rolling basis and no deadline or award period dates are set. Award periods are based on the timeline outlined in the application and may not exceed one year.

Please email a single PDF file of the application to Brett Bechtol ( Notifications of award will be made after review. The start date will be dependent on the status of human and animal studies protocol approvals. Applicants receiving a score just outside the funding range will be notified, with the possibility of resubmitting their application for a subsequent RFA cycle.

Application Instructions | Program Expectations

Application Instructions

Application Format

Use standard 11-point font, single spaced, and half-inch margins throughout the application. Consecutively number all pages.

Face Page

Complete the Face Page form.

Research Proposal (3-page limit)

  • Topic introduction (1 paragraph)
  • Funding purpose: Explain how the project would be used to support a specific grant submission, resubmission, or funded clinical trial. In the case of supporting a resubmission, the summary statement should be attached and a brief description of how this project will address concerns. If this is an exploratory project, then a defined explanation of how results will be used to inform hypothesis development and submission. (1 paragraph)
  • Specific aim(s): Concisely state the hypothesis to be tested or developed and the specific aim(s) to be achieved during the one-year project period.
  • Preliminary data
  • Methods for statistical support (3-5 sentences)
  • Data that are expected
  • Expected timeline


Use PHS 398 form page 4 followed by a 1-page Budget Justification. Budget cap is $25,000 direct costs. There are no indirect costs allowed. No faculty salaries, student tuition and fees, or equipment should be included. Faculty effort related to this award must be listed.

Salary or stipend support for laboratory personnel, RAs, post-doctoral fellows, study coordinators, etc. may be included. Every budgeted item must be classified into a category (e.g., personnel, supplies, patient care costs). Travel expenses will only be allowed when necessary to carry out the proposed research project.

Literature Cited

List only references pertinent to the proposed research. References do not count against the page limit.

NIH-format Biosketches

Biosketches for all faculty team investigators must be included. Personal statements must include the specific role of the team member. In addition to the standard NIH-format biosketch sections (which includes Current and Recent Research Support), include an additional Pending Support section that lists all pending grant applications. Describe any overlap or relationship between the pending application and this application. Give the expected notification date for each pending application.

Letters of Support

Letters of support from the appropriate individuals, including from PI’s department chair, are required.

Program Expectations

  • Publication or presentation of results in a national forum.
  • Development of a grant submission, resubmission, or clinical trial.