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Mikiko Dollard's cervical cancer journey and supportive care from Hollings nurses has inspired her daughter, Mya, to pursue a career in oncology nursing.

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Mikiko and Mya Dollard stand together outside


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New treatments at Hollings offer hope to cervical cancer patients

January is National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Adobe Stock image

Over the last few decades there have been very few advances in new treatment options for cervical cancer — but now, this is an area of rapid change. Dr. Brian Orr is encouraged about the progress being made in treating cervical cancer.

“With so many new treatments and clinical trials ongoing, it’s important to come to a place like Hollings where we can provide patients access to these cutting-edge therapies and trials.”

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I was raised in Lee County, South Carolina. I understand the culture and the people here because I come from these areas. Being able to help my community has been incredible.

Demetress Adams-Ludd

Rural Tobacco Treatment
Demetress Adams-Ludd stands in front of MUSC Health Florence Medical Center sign


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Watch NCI director Dr. Ned Sharpless, Hollings director Dr. Raymond N. DuBois and MUSC President Dr. David J. Cole give their impressions of first lady Dr. Jill Biden's visit to Hollings and discuss what it means moving forward.


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