Celebrating survivors

With new treatments like CAR-T therapy, more people are surviving cancer and living their best lives with support from Hollings.

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Hollings doctor takes different approach to providing pain relief

a man in a white doctors coat stands in an operating room

Dr. Thor Johnson offers a variety of pain management techniques to provide comfort to patients, with a goal of making it as easy as possible to connect patients in pain with the care they need.

“It’s not enough to survive cancer. You have to be able to provide patients a life that gives them dignity, independence and joy.”

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The goal is to do medicine in a novel way, with a new perspective, with Hollings pushing the cutting edge of what's happening. What also is a driving force is educating the people who will then go out and deliver that care to patients locally, regionally and nationally.

Dr. Jason Newman

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Dr. Jason Newman wearing scrubs


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Watch NCI director Dr. Ned Sharpless, Hollings director Dr. Raymond N. DuBois and MUSC President Dr. David J. Cole give their impressions of first lady Dr. Jill Biden's visit to Hollings and discuss what it means moving forward.


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