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After five years of planning and anticipation, Hollings has opened the Summer and Clyde Anderson Advanced Cancer Therapy Clinic to provide specialized care to patients in phase I clinical trials.

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Clinical trial of purified CAR-T cell therapy awarded $3.2M NCI grant to expand

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With the first two patients in a clinical trial testing purified CAR-T cells both showing complete remission, the National Cancer Institute has stepped forward with $3.2 million in funding to expand the trial.

“To be the first person to have the purified cells – like I mentioned to Doctor Hess, ‘First time up and you guys hit one out of the park,’” said trial participant Ted Kopacko.

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What’s great is now everyone can get it. Anyone can prescribe it. They don’t have to travel somewhere to get this medication. It really is a huge help for our families and kids.

Dr. Jacqueline Kraveka, pediatric cancer researcher

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An ovarian cancer diagnosis was the last thing that Carol Sullivan expected. But with support from friends and family and her care team at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center, she's successfully come through treatment. Watch her inspiring story below.

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