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SCOR in the News

Watch Dr. Evan Graboyes and Dr. Katie Schmitt discuss SCOR and Hollings' in-house physical therapy services on a recent episode of Hollings Cross Talk.

Survivorship Topics on Health Focus

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SCOR members are featured on South Carolina Public Radio's Health Focus podcast. Visit the links below to listen to the episodes.

Brief talk therapy for head and neck cancer patients

Dr. Stacey Maurer discusses talk therapy tailored to head and neck cancer patients related to body image distress.

BRIGHT research related to body image distress

Dr. Evan Graboyes discusses his team's national clinical trial that is evaluating a tele-cognitive behavioral therapy that they developed for head and neck cancer survivors with body-image distress.

Research about cancer survivorship

Dr. Evan Graboyes talks about understanding and addressing the challenges and needs of cancer survivors and the importance of survivorship research.

Physical therapy to help with cancer related fatigue

Dr. Katie Schmitt discusses the benefits of physical therapy and occupational therapy to help with cancer related fatigue.

Managing cancer related fatigue

Dr. Stacey Maurer highlights strategies to help manage cancer related fatigue.

Physical therapy for cancer patients and cancer survivors

Dr. Katie Schmitt talks about physical therapy for cancer patients and cancer survivors.

Lifestyles choices to reduce cancer risk

Dr. Sarah Tucker Price reviews lifestyle choices and habits to help reduce the risk of cancer.

Making a plan to quit smoking

Dr. Benjamin Toll talks about deciding to quit smoking and then making a plan.


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