General Policies for Instrument Use


All users must participate in a free imaging consult before initiating a new imaging study. Consultation and training are provided by the Core Coordinator. To schedule, contact Rebecca Gregory (


Advance reservations are required. Cancellation at least four hours prior to the experiment is required. Users failing to do this will be charged at the hourly rate for the booked time. Contact the facility staff if you need to cancel after the four-hour deadline. To schedule, contact Rebecca Gregory ( or use the scheduling links on the previous page.


Users are responsible for their compliance with MUSC IACUC and Radiation Safety Policies & Procedures. Users are required to provide approved protocols to the facility staff prior to imaging.


Users will be required to provide billing information prior to requesting instrument time. Users with multiple billing accounts should specify the account number to be charged upon sign-up.

Cleaning Up

Users are responsible for keeping the equipment and work areas safe and very clean. Specifically, the imaging chamber and anesthesia induction chamber need to be cleaned and wiped with disinfectant after use. The oxygen tank valve and anesthesia vaporizer must be turned off. Additional charges will be added for oxygen usage if left on.