High Impact Publications Award

MUSC Hollings Cancer Center enthusiastically supports its members’ impactful discoveries and publications and has developed the High Impact Publications Award to recognize excellence on a yearly basis. Hollings leadership will select these publications from nominations that have appeared in high impact journals with a Hollings member as the first or a primary author. For any questions concerning eligibility or submitting a nomination, please contact Brett Bechtol (bechtolb@musc.edu).

Please use the nomination portal below to submit a publication for consideration.

Eligibility and Criteria | Review Committee | Timeline | Awardees

High Impact Publications

Nominations are not being accepted at this time.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • Must be a Hollings member.
  • Work must have been completed at MUSC.
  • Must be cancer related, but preference will be given to translational science.
  • Nominations can be submitted by colleagues or self-nominations. Self-nominations are limited to one publication.
  • The publication must have appeared in a high impact journal or e-published within the past previous academic year (July 1 through June 30). Manuscripts will be accepted if they produce an official letter of acceptance.
  • Three publications will be honored per year for the previous academic year. One awardee will be chosen from each Hollings research program.
  • Awardees will receive the following:
    • $1,000 from their specific research program.
    • A framed plaque to be displayed at the awardees' discretion.
    • A personalized nameplate on the plaque displayed outside the Hollings Cancer Center auditorium.
    • The opportunity to present at an upcoming internal retreat or symposium.

Review Committee

Review committee members were nominated by the Hollings research program leaders. Awardee decisions will be made based on a number of metrics including, but not limited to, impact factor and citation count.

  • Cancer Biology and Immunology: Joe Delaney, Ph.D., and Leonardo Ferreira, Ph.D.
  • Cancer Control: Jennifer Dahne, Ph.D., and Evan Graboyes, M.D.
  • Developmental Cancer Therapeutics: Jen Wang, Ph.D., and John Wrangle, M.D.


The deadline for nominations is Monday, October 9, 2023, by midnight. Selections will be made and awardees will be notified in November. To begin the nomination process, visit the portal found at the top of your screen.