Meet the Team

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Kevin Hughes, M.D.

Dr. Kevin Hughes is the director of the Hereditary Cancer Clinic. Dr. Hughes is an internationally recognized expert in genetic testing and the identification and management of patients with hereditary cancer risk. Under his leadership, the clinic develops a personalized plan for each patient that takes into account that individual's genetic mutations as well as their personal health history and other risk factors.

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Jen Diaz

Jen Diaz, a nurse practitioner and breast cancer survivor, has worked in oncology since 2010. She specializes in breast disorders, breast cancer, cancer risk assessment, and risk reduction. She is passionate about identifying more individuals with harmful or pathogenic cancer gene mutations, so they can start getting appropriate cancer screenings and potentially save their lives with early detection and risk reduction.

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Charly Harris

Charly Harris is a certified genetic counselor with over three years of clinical cancer experience. She enjoys giving patients the information and resources to better understand their risk, as well as their relatives' risk, of hereditary cancer. She hopes to empower patients to make informed decisions about their cancer risk management and provide support to them during that time.

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Libby Malphrus

Libby Malphrus has been a certified genetic counselor for over 20 years and is a South Carolina native. As a cancer survivor with a strong family history of cancer, Libby is passionate about helping individuals understand the impact of genetics in cancer prevention, screening and treatment.