Standing strong

Tiffany Williams is on a mission to raise awareness about multiple myeloma.

Tiffany's story
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Patient Spotlight

Marty Perlmutter was running out of options. His chronic lymphocytic leukemia had gone through a Richter’s transformation, a rare complication in which the cancer transforms into an aggressive lymphoma. An initial course of chemotherapy didn't work, so Hollings oncologist Dr. Brian Hess turned to CAR-T-cell therapy. Thanks to this innovative treatment, Perlmutter is now in remission. Check out the video below and read more about the treatment that Perlmutter says is an "absolute game changer."


From surviving to thriving

Hollings provides a holistic care experience, and that doesn't stop when treatment ends. We are expanding our resources to help patients and survivors navigate the challenges that come during and after treatment so they can live their best lives.

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Standing strong against cancer

Dr. Raymond N. DuBois shares his message about all the ways Hollings is standing strong against cancer, including the SCOR Initiative, new mobile health units and exciting research discoveries on the cusp of the center's 30th anniversary.

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