colorful abstract bar chart with an outline of South Carolina behind part of it

Social Determinants of Health in South Carolina

This page delves into the intricate factors that influence health and health outcomes across South Carolina's counties. This dashboard provides a comprehensive view of social vulnerability, with a detailed county-wise distribution of the Social Vulnerability Index (SVI). Explore the nuances of community dynamics through the Index of Concentration at Extremes (ICE) and Local Isolation Index, which offer insights into the distribution of resources and potential racial disparities at the census tract level.

Navigate and compare South Carolina counties with the Yost Quintile Index at the census tract level, which provides a granular understanding of socioeconomic disparities. Uncover the social determinants that shape health outcomes, from community vulnerability, isolation, and concentration of resources for community advocacy.

Whether you're a community advocate, policymaker, or researcher, this dashboard serves as a vital resource for understanding and addressing the social determinants that play a crucial role in shaping health disparities in South Carolina.