The logo of 8th Charleston Workshop on Light Microscopy for the Biosciences with cell images taken by microscope.

Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

June 11-16, 2023


Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ammasi Periasamy

(WM Keck Center for Cellular Imaging of University of Virginia)

"Investigation of Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Live Prostate Cancer Cells: Fluorescence Lifetime Redox Ratio Microscopy (FLIRR)"


We learned, we visualized and we experienced.

Thank you all for your attendance and see you next time!

Dr. Lemasters talking at workshop lecture.

Keynote lecture by Dr. PeriasamiPeople serving foods on banquet at workshop

Group Photo of attendance

Workshop Agenda

For further information contact: 

Li Li, Ph.D. (Manager, Cell & Molecular Imaging)

70 President Street, MSC 139

Charleston, SC 29425