Intramural Funding Opportunities

MUSC Hollings Cancer Center offers a number of intramural support opportunities for students, postdoctoral trainees, and faculty conducting cancer-related research and clinical services. These funding opportunities foster and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative thinking, translational research, and the highest level of academic medicine.

All awarded researchers are encouraged to participate as a registered rider in the annual LOWVELO bike ride event.

For questions about funding opportunities, please contact Bridgette Blankenship ( or Brett Bechtol (

Intramural support opportunities

Award Mechanism  Anticipated RFA Release  Anticipated Deadline  Anticipated Award Date  Current Awardees 
Hollings Cancer Center Fellowship Program - Postdoc/Graduate November Jan. 15 July 1 Postdoc: 2020 Awardees

Graduate: 2020 Awardees 
Clinical Scholar Program  December Jan. 29 July 1 Clinical Scholars 
Idea Award  January March July 1  Idea Awardees 
Team Science Award  August October January 1 Team Science Awardees 
Pre-Clinical and Clinical Concepts Award  January March July 1 Pre-Clinical & Clinical Concepts Awardees 
Equipment and Technology Award  August October January 1  
American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant  August October January 1  ACS Awardees 

Extramural Funding

A number of extramural funding opportunities are available for those interested in cancer-related research. A sampling of external funding agencies can be found below.

NIH Grants and Funding

NCI Research Funding Opportunities

NIH Institutional Training Grants 

American Cancer Society Grants