South Carolina Cancer Disparities Research Center

The South Carolina Cancer Disparities Research Center (SC CADRE), a partnership between South Carolina State University (SCSU) and MUSC Hollings Cancer Center, aims to create a diverse future generation of cancer researchers specially trained to improve cancer health outcomes for South Carolinians.

The center is co-directed by Judith Salley, Ph.D., and Marvella Ford, Ph.D. The center’s mission is to incorporate community engagement as these two institutions join forces to build a lasting, sustainable, translational cancer research structure at SCSU and further strengthen a research education pipeline that will provide a new diverse generation of cancer researchers.

Given the longstanding academic partnership between these two institutions, each entity’s research and educational strengths, and the community relationships they have to draw upon, the SC CADRE is poised to transform cancer health outcomes in the state.

MUSC hollings cancer center logo and south carolina state university logo


  • Evaluating the relationship between obesity and prostate and breast cancer disparities.
  • Investigate how advanced glycation end products (AGEs) may serve as a novel biomarker related to cancer, cancer disparities, and obesity.
  • Include in the research base a population unique to the US southeastern coastal region, the Sea Island/Gullah population.