T32 ITOS Program Mentor & Fellow Expectations


ITOS Program Faculty Mentors and ITOS Fellows are expected to:

  • Meet together, no less than weekly.
  • Meet with additional Members of the mentoring team, no less than monthly.
  • Meet with the ITOS Mentoring Subcommittee biannually.
  • Develop an annual individual development plan within the first six weeks of joining the Program, incorporating relevant ITOS Program Components¬†as appropriate.
  • Attend ITOS Research Club meetings.
  • Participate in applicable MUSC Hollings Cancer Center retreats, seminars, and program meetings.
  • Strive to meet program milestones.

Fellow Milestones

Expected milestones for ITOS Fellows:

  • At least one first author publication in a well-respected journal within a year of completion of the Program.
  • At least two first author publications within three years of T32 Program Completion.
  • Submission of an NCI F32 or other cancer-related career development application during the Program.
  • Receipt of a K01, K08, K22, K23, K99, or comparable career development award following completion of the T32 Program.