Units & Pricing

Multiple analyses can be performed from a single sample. These analyses or analytical units provide a multi-component analysis per class of lipids. However, each analytical unit is charged separately. Method development is also available applying the MUSC-NIH Service Recharge Center specified fees.

Service Fees

Due to increased costs and budget restraints, the LSR rates for service will be increased closer to our NIH allowable fee starting April 1, 2024. Unfortunately, the discounted rates that were extended to all academic institutes will no longer be in place. See current rates in table below.

Service NIH Funded Pricing Outside MUSC
Analytical Units MUSC Non-MUSC International University Commercial
HPLC-MS/MS analysis per analytical unit $75
$80 $100 $180
SFC-MS/MS analysis (#13) per analytical unit $100 $120 $120 $225
Data Normalization MUSC Non-MUSC International University Commercial
Phosphate (Pi) determination per sample $60 $60 $60 $60
Protein determination per sample  $100 $100 $100 $100

Note: A $75/hour fee may be charged to any batch which requires additional sample handling (i.e. sample transfer from small tubes, method development, etc.).

Analytical Units

  1. Sph/S1P/Cer Sphingoid bases (Sphingosine [Sph]& Dihydro-Sphingosine [dhSph]) Sphingoid base-1- Phosphates (S1P & dhS1P), Ceramide molecular species (Cn-Cer). This is the most basic analysis, covering 18 different molecular species.
  2. dhCer Dihydro-Ceramide molecular species
  3. Hexosyl-Cer Hexosylceramide (Glucosyl/Galactosyl-Ceramide) molecular species
  4. Lactosyl-Cer Lactosyl-Ceramide molecular species
  5. SM Sphingomyelin molecular species
  6. DAG Diacyl-Glycerol molecular species
  7. α-OH-Cers (2’OH-Cer) Alpha-Hydroxy-Ceramide molecular species
  8. Cer-1P Ceramide 1-Phosphate molecular species
  9. PhytoSph/PhytoCer Phytosphinghosine, Phytosphingosine-1-Phosphate, and Phytoceramide molecular species
  10. α-OH-PhytoCer Alpha-Hydroxy-Phytoceramide molecular species
  11. 17CSph/S1P/Cer 17C-Sphingoid bases, 17C-Sphingoid base-1- Phosphates, and 17C-Ceramide molecular species
  12. dh17CSph/S1P/Cer 17C-Dihydro-Sphingoid bases, 17C-Dihydro-Sphingoid base-1- Phosphates, and 17C-Dihydro-Ceramide molecular species
  13. Glu/Gal-Cer by SFC Glucosylceramide and Galactosylceramide species separated by SFC-MS/MS
  14. 1-Deoxy-Sph/Cer 1-Deoxy-Sphingoid bases, 1-Deoxy-Ceramide molecular species
  15. 1-Deoxy-dhCer 1-Deoxy-dihydro-Ceramide molecular species
  16. Prostaglandins A limited list of 6 PG species (PGE2, PGD2, PGF2α, LTB4, TXB2, & 6ketoPGF1α)
  17. Free Fatty Acids FFA molecular species C12- to C26- saturated and monounsaturated species including Arachidonic acid C20:4, EPA C20:5, and DHA C22:6
  18. Special request available upon consultation