Units & Pricing

Multiple analyses can be performed from a single sample. These analyses or analytical units provide a multi-component analysis per class of lipids. However, each analytical unit is charged separately. Method development is also available applying the MUSC-NIH Service Recharge Center specified fees.

Service Fees

Service NIH Funded Pricing Outside MUSC
Analytical Units MUSC Non-MUSC International University Commercial
HPLC-MS/MS analysis per analytical unit $60  $75 $100 $180
SFC-MS/MS analysis (#13) per analytical unit $90 $115 $115 $225
Data Normalization MUSC Non-MUSC International University Commercial
Phosphate (Pi) determination per sample $50 $50 $50 $50
Protein determination per sample  $100 $100 $100 $100

Note: A $75/hour fee may be charged to any batch which requires additional sample handling (i.e. sample transfer from small tubes, method development, etc.).

Analytical Units

  1. Sph/S1P/Cer Sphingoid bases (Sphingosine [Sph]& Dihydro-Sphingosine [dhSph]) Sphingoid base-1- Phosphates (S1P & dhS1P), Ceramide molecular species (Cn-Cer). This is the most basic analysis, covering 18 different molecular species.
  2. dhCer Dihydro-Ceramide molecular species
  3. Hexosyl-Cer Hexosylceramide (Glucosyl/Galactosyl-Ceramide) molecular species
  4. Lactosyl-Cer Lactosyl-Ceramide molecular species
  5. SM Sphingomyelin molecular species
  6. DAG Diacyl-Glycerol molecular species
  7. α-OH-Cers (2’OH-Cer) Alpha-Hydroxy-Ceramide molecular species
  8. Cer-1P Ceramide 1-Phosphate molecular species
  9. PhytoSph/PhytoCer Phytosphinghosine, Phytosphingosine-1-Phosphate, and Phytoceramide molecular species
  10. α-OH-PhytoCer Alpha-Hydroxy-Phytoceramide molecular species
  11. 17CSph/S1P/Cer 17C-Sphingoid bases, 17C-Sphingoid base-1- Phosphates, and 17C-Ceramide molecular species
  12. dh17CSph/S1P/Cer 17C-Dihydro-Sphingoid bases, 17C-Dihydro-Sphingoid base-1- Phosphates, and 17C-Dihydro-Ceramide molecular species
  13. Glu/Gal-Cer by SFC Glucosylceramide and Galactosylceramide species separated by SFC-MS/MS
  14. 1-Deoxy-Sph/Cer 1-Deoxy-Sphingoid bases, 1-Deoxy-Ceramide molecular species
  15. 1-Deoxy-dhCer 1-Deoxy-dihydro-Ceramide molecular species
  16. Prostaglandins A limited list of 6 PG species (PGE2, PGD2, PGF2α, LTB4, TXB2, & 6ketoPGF1α)
  17. Free Fatty Acids FFA molecular species C12- to C26- saturated and monounsaturated species including Arachidonic acid C20:4, EPA C20:5, and DHA C22:6
  18. Special request available upon consultation