Postdoctoral Trainee Programs

Integrative Training in Oncogenic Signaling Program

Supported by a National Cancer Institute T32 grant, the Integrative Training in Oncogenic Signaling Program provides mentoring and research training in cutting-edge cancer research methodology. This program is designed to foster collaborative, interdisciplinary interactions with faculty and other trainees and provide exposure to current cancer research discoveries and mechanisms of translating basic findings into novel prevention, diagnosis, and treatment approaches. 

Hollings Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellowship Program

The Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellowship Program supports the recruitment and training of high-quality, innovative basic science and clinical and translational cancer researchers who have the potential to become independent cancer research scientists. Fellowships are awarded to promising postdoctoral or clinical fellows who are focused on finding ways to prevent and cure cancer. For clinical fellows, this award is intended to support additional fellowship years, and for physician-scientists, to focus on scientific research.