Nutrition Services

MUSC Health's Nutrition Services provides proactive and individualized nutritional consultation for cancer outpatients across the continuum of cancer care, including primary prevention, cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiation and surgery), secondary prevention, cancer recurrences, palliative care and survivorship.

Our registered dietitians and board-certified specialists in oncology nutrition can answer questions and assist with nutrition guidance, including:

  • Maintaining lean body mass and/or weight before, during and after cancer therapy.
  • Optimizing nutrition status before and after surgery.
  • Managing eating problems and nutrition-related symptoms of cancer and cancer therapy.
  • Providing education and management regarding tube feedings or IV nutrition.
  • Answering questions and providing recommendations regarding vitamins, minerals, herbs and/or nutrition supplements.
  • Providing education on balanced diets including information regarding high calorie/protein, diabetic, renal, heart healthy, post-surgery, modified consistency, cancer prevention and weight loss diets.
  • Providing general healthy diet tips and recipes for a healthy lifestyle, cancer prevention or survivorship.

Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment to discuss cancer nutrition, simply ask your care team member for a referral to see the dietitian at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center. Once the referral is submitted, an appointment will be scheduled at your convenience. Follow up visits do not need additional doctor’s referrals. Appointment times are available Monday through Friday. Patients can be seen before or after a regularly scheduled clinic visit or during an infusion visit as available.