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Education & Training

MUSC Hollings Cancer Center is committed to educating and providing exceptional training and mentoring opportunities to the next generation of scientists who will drive cancer discoveries in prevention, treatment, and control.

Cancer research career enhancement plays a critical role in developing and integrating cancer-focused research education, training, and professional development activities across all levels.

As the only National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center in South Carolina, Hollings career enhancement mission focuses on three themes: providing innovative education and training opportunities, enhancing the diversity of the cancer research workforce, and supporting tracking and evaluation of education and training activities and programs. This is accomplished with the following aims:

  • Provide cancer research training across the entire educational continuum with an emphasis on attracting individuals from underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Extend continued cancer-focused educational opportunities to community health care professionals so they have access to the latest advances in cancer research.
  • Centralize tracking, evaluation, and mentoring across the entire educational and cancer research training pipeline, maintaining a student support network and facilitating alumni career progress. 


Dr. Benjamin Toll 

Benjamin Toll, Ph.D., Hollings associate director of Education and Training, oversees the strategic planning, evaluation, and coordination of Hollings career enhancement activities. His goal is to provide well-structured and effective education and training opportunities for pre- and post-doctoral students and junior faculty at Hollings.

Current RFAs

T32 Postdoctoral Fellowship

The T32 Integrative Training in Oncogenic Signaling Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is currently accepting applications.

Hollings Postdoc Fellowship

The next RFA for the Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellowship program will be issued by mid-July, 2023.

High School & Undergrads

For undergraduate and graduate students interested in a career in biomedical sciences or cancer research, Hollings offers several laboratory-based and cancer-focused courses to engage students.

High School & Undergrad programs

Medical & Grad Students

Medical and graduate students can apply for cancer-focused programs through MUSC's Biomedical Sciences Doctoral Program, Medical Scientists Training Program, and Hollings Fellowship Program.

Medical & Graduate programs

Postdoctoral Trainees

Trainees interested in cancer research are encouraged to apply to participate in the Integrated Training in Oncogenic Signaling program as well as Hollings Postdoctoral & Clinical Fellowship Program.

Postdoctoral Training programs 

Junior Faculty

To best foster the development of junior faculty, Hollings offers training for clinical, basic, and population-based investigators as well as protected time for physician-scientists active in clinical cancer research.

Junior Faculty Training programs

Health Care Professionals

In an effort to reach the entire state, Hollings disseminates research information to the community and provides research education to health professionals and community-based health care providers.

Health Care Professional programs