Guest Services

The front desk at Hollings Cancer Center

Traveling out of town for your health care can be an overwhelming experience. Our goal is to make your trip to Charleston – whether it’s a two-hour car ride or a two-hour flight – as seamless as possible. Our Guest Services team can take care of all the details of your trip, leaving you free to focus on your health.

Once your medical appointments are made contact guest services directly at 843-876-8456. They will assist you with information about:

  • Discount hotel accommodations in the Charleston area, with a wide variety of locations and price ranges available. A Guest Services team member must handle the reservation for you to receive the discount.
  • Transportation between local hotels and MUSC Health.
  • The MUSC Health Patient Shuttle system, which provides a free and convenient way for patients to travel between buildings on our downtown campus.
  • Parking and valet options at MUSC Health.
  • Dining and sightseeing in the Charleston area.