The Next Breakthrough Could Be Yours

Clinical trials offer patients access to promising new treatments that might not be available anywhere else. Find out what our patients have to say about their experiences participating in clinical trials and how the treatments being tested have offered them hope and healing.

Tony Pesavento

Tony Pesavento stands outside with a garden path behind him

After multiple treatments for recurring laryngeal cancer were unsuccessful, Marine veteran Tony Pesavento enrolled in a Phase I clinical trial testing a new drug combination for advanced cancers. That proved to be the decisive factor in his battle against cancer and he remains cancer free ever since completing the trial in early 2019.

“I’m living proof that if cancer research didn’t exist, I probably wouldn’t be here. That’s why I believe it’s important to continue conducting research to keep discovering more modernized ways to combat cancer and any other number of diseases.”

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Kerry Hardy

Hardy and his wife, Beth, dancing

When Kerry Hardy was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2015, he wondered if he’d get to see his children graduate college, get married, and have children of their own. After putting out feelers to find the best doctors and treatments available, Hardy sought care from Hollings.

Thanks to an immunotherapy clinical trial, his tumor shrunk by nearly 30%, and he has now been stable for several years. He was able to serve as the best man in his son’s wedding — a day many doctors never expected he’d get to see.

“To say I’m ecstatic is an understatement. If you could see me, you’d never know that I have been sick.”

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Samuel Jackson

Dr. Brian Greenwell and Samuel Jackson sit in an exam room with masks on

Learn more about the clinical trial in which Samuel enrolled and how it holds promise for extending remission for patients with a rare form of lymphoma.