Fall 2019 Headlines

Whipple Warrior

Mary Nell Goolsby

LOWVELO means more to Mary Nell Goolsby than any bike ride ever has. The donations from the ride directly impact her life.

Riding 10 months post-op
Jose and Wendy Perey

Tandem Ride

This couple’s amazing love story has them riding tandem in LOWVELO. And get this – one of them is just learning to ride a bike.

Cafe owners gear up
Lowvelo logo

Why I Ride

The LOWVELO riders share what inspired them to join the cause.

HPV Cells

Protecting children in SC

Working in conjunction with numerous statewide partners, Hollings Cancer Center has launched a $700,000 three-year HPV initiative.

HPV Vaccinations
A man with a vape device


With e-cigarettes more common than ever, researchers struggle to keep up with changes in the industry.

Two trends cause concern
Dr. Graham Warren

Cost of smoking

Study calculates costs associated with smoking by patients with cancer.

Impacts cancer treatment
Matt Prisby outside with his dog

Anyone can make a difference

Discover how donors are making a difference in the quality of cancer care.

Making a difference