Las Vegas love story

In what sounds like a Hallmark love story, Jennifer Attisano and her husband, Mike, found strength in each other after her metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.

Jennifer's story
group of people including bride and groom waving in a red convertible in Las Vegas

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Bouncing back

Liza Patterson holds her daughter

Liza Patterson


When Liza Patterson, 31, was declared cancer free in September 2019 after a seven-month battle with lymphoma, the news didn’t come as a relief. Instead, Patterson described the experience as a “let down” as she found herself struggling to reenter normal life.

Liza's story

Liza Patterson holds her daughter Liza Patterson sits in hospital room Liza Patterson watches while her daughter plays in the sand

Ongoing battle

LaToya Wilson and her sons playing pool basketball.

LaToya Wilson

Breast Cancer

Despite an ongoing battle with cancer, LaToya Wilson remains optimistic and thankful for what she has in life. Spending time at the pool with her kids has been an escape for the 46-year-old mom, who started her 9-year journey with metastatic breast cancer just 11 months after having her youngest son.

LaToya's story

LaToya Wilson climbs up stairs out of a pool LaToya Wilson sits with her sons at the edge of a pool

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Facing new fights

Tony Pesavento stands outside with a garden path behind him

Tony Pesavento

Larynx Cancer

Tony Pesavento, a Marine Corps veteran, can’t help but to be excited. After being diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic laryngeal cancer in 2015, Pesavento feels great, and can’t wait to travel again once the pandemic ends. He enrolled in a phase 1 trial at Hollings — a trial he credits for saving his life. He had a complete response to therapy, finished two years of treatment and is still without signs of cancer.

Tony's story

A man laughs with wife while standing outside.

Jim Devereaux

Prostate Cancer

After 27 years in the Marines, Jim Devereaux is no stranger to war — but after retiring, he found himself in a new battle with cancer. Devereaux was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer and had 29 lymph nodes removed, followed by radiation and three exhausting years of hormone therapy. Devereaux now is in remission and takes nothing for granted.

Jim's story


Determined to help

Claudia Salazar sits on a tree branch at the beach

Claudia Salazar

Brain Cancer

While working with teens who would be having brain scans as part of a study being done at MUSC, Claudia Salazar had an MRI herself just so she could better describe the experience. She was shocked when the scan revealed a suspicious mass in her brain. After a whirlwind of appointments, active monitoring was determined to be the best approach. Despite these uncertainties, Salazar is pursuing a doctorate and is more determined than ever to help reduce barriers to quality health care for minority and underserved groups.

Claudia's story

Claudia Salazar stands outside


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