researcher working in the lab

Collaboration Opportunities

MUSC Hollings Cancer Center is home to more than 130 scientists committed to finding better ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat cancer. By working with Hollings, you’ll have access to the expertise of top cancer researchers who trained across the country and are conducting groundbreaking research in the community, laboratory, and clinic.

Our transdisciplinary cancer teams bring expertise from different disciplines in basic and clinical research to advance our understanding of specific cancer types, and, importantly, to translate that information to clinical trials to improve patient care in South Carolina.

Opportunities to Collaborate

  • Partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to develop and test new products for the benefit of patients.
  • Working alongside industry partners to meet the business needs of our region.
  • Uniting with other health care organizations to accelerate innovation.
  • Teaming with individuals and donors to improve the lives of those living with cancer.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can combine efforts to eradicate cancer. Please contact Dr. Denis Guttridge at for more information.