Gynecologic Oncology Transdisciplinary Cancer Team

The goal of the Gynecologic Oncology Transdisciplinary Cancer Team is to bring expertise from different disciplines in basic and clinical research to advance our understanding of gynecologic cancer and to translate that information to clinical trials to improve patient care in South Carolina.

The team consists of members with expertise in basic biology, oncology, pathology, surgery, population science, pharmacology, engineering, and informatics and biostatistics.


Team Members

Angela Alexander-Bryant, Ph.D.
Scott Eblen, Ph.D.
Nancy Echeverri-Ruiz, Ph.D.
Stephen Ethier, Ph.D.
Marvella Ford, Ph.D.
Mark Hamann, Ph.D.

Michael Ostrowski, Ph.D.
Matt Prisby
Mary Richardson, M.D.
Martin Romeo, Ph.D.
Jerlinda Ross, M.D.
Laura Spruill, M.D., Ph.D.