Alternative Tobacco Products for Current Smokers


PI: Dr. Tracy Smith

This trial investigates the impact of different e-cigarette device characteristics on reinforcement value, e-cigarette uptake, and downstream effects on cigarette smoking. Smokers (N=180) are recruited locally and will receive an e-cigarette and e-liquid for 3 weeks. The e-cigarette will either have a higher or lower device wattage, and the e-liquid will either have a higher or lower nicotine concentration. Participants sample the product in the lab and then take it home for 3 weeks to use as they wish. Participants return to the lab weekly to receive more e-liquids. There is no requirement to quit or change smoking.

E-Cigarette Study Eligibility Screening


PI: Dr. Matthew Carpenter

CONNECT (Clinical Outcomes for a Nationwide, Naturalistic E-Cigarette Trial) is a NCI-funded R01 that examines uptake, patterns of use, biomarkers, and behavioral consequences of sampling an e-cigarette (vs. not). Smokers (N=660; n=120 subset for biomarker collection) are recruited nationally and locally, and randomized to receive a tank-style e-cigarette device, vs. not, for self-determined use over 1 month, with prospective follow-up through 6 months. There is no requirement to quit or change smoking, as these are participant-driven outcomes.

CONNECT Study Eligibility Screening