Smoking Cessation Studies


PI: Dr. Jennifer Dahne

Goal2Quit is a NIDA-funded remote intervention study focused on the development and evaluation of a mobile app-based intervention for the treatment of smoking cessation and symptoms of depression. Study participants are randomized to receive either a mobile app called Goal2Quit plus a free sample of nicotine replacement therapy or to treatment as usual for smoking cessation. To complete an initial eligibility screening, follow the link below.

Goal2Quit Study Eligibility Screening


PI: Dr. Matthew Carpenter

STARS (Smoking Treatment and Remote Sampling) is a NCI-funded R01 that examines the impact of varenicline vs. NRT vs. no medication sampling. Study participants (N=640) are adult smokers across the state of South Carolina who do and do not want to quit. Participants are given a month supply of medication (or not) and are prospectively followed for six months to evaluate outcomes.

STARS Study Eligibility Screening