Telehealth Interventions and Remote Methods


PI: Dr. Jennifer Dahne

Moodivate is a NIMH-funded study to evaluate the effectiveness of a mobile app-based intervention for depression treatment. Moodivate is based on an evidence-based depression treatment called Behavioral Activation. All study participants must be active patients of MUSC Family Medicine or Internal Medicine. If you are an MUSC Family Medicine or Internal Medicine patient and are interested in participating, please email Noelle Natale at


PI: Dr. Jennifer Dahne

The goal of this NCI-funded study is to develop a remote carbon monoxide (CO, an indicator of recent combustible tobacco use) data capture system through which a smartphone-enabled CO monitor is integrated with REDCap. Adult smokers are currently being recruited nationwide to participate in a remote feasibility study evaluating the remote CO monitoring system. If you are interested in potentially participating, please follow the screening link below to complete an initial eligibility screening.

COast Study Eligibility Screening